Cultivate allows school administrators, teachers and parents to stay connected via real time communication. It provides comprehensive tools for all education needs. Cultivate is designed to help reduce stress from the lives of parents, teachers, students and school administrations that comes with education today with features like messaging, media sharing and other vital school management functions.

Cultivate web

With cultivate web Log on to our website and Register your account and communicate you’re questions and concerns directly.


In case of an emergency cultivate provides real-time coordination between parents and the school so they can act in time. By sending out an S.O.S message so the parent is notified that their child is in need immediately.

Admin Control

Cultivate also has an admin control feature which allows schools to use only the features they need.


Cultivate supports regional languages too. So parents and schools can communicate in the language they feel comfortable in.

Why Us ?

Cultivate provides all the tools to parents, teachers and schools for all their comprehensive education needs and helps create a pro learning environment. It’s easy, effective, efficient and FREE. The app has been developed after carefully studying the needs of the students and parents and schools. Designed with the help of some of the most successful and established minds in our country such as leading psychologists, school administrators, faculty members, and everyday working parents. With the sole purpose of building a less stressful learning environment for everyone, and help our children be successful in their schooling career and beyond.

Our mission statement

Our goal is to not only empower parents, teachers and schools so they can help their children build a steadfast foundation and reduce stress that comes with education today for all. We also hope to decrease bullying and reduce incidents of violence in schools as well as raise awareness for differently abled children and lower the drop rate in schools. So that all children grow up to have limitless opportunities in life. Our belief is that the Cultivate app will empower parents, teachers and schools by letting them communicate and manage their child’s school work more meticulously, and reduce the stress that comes with education today for parents, teachers and students. So that each child can live up to their god given potential.